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Step With Jesus

The Unspoken pain

Released in my tears of shame

Trickle down my face

And in your presence you extend

Me grace.

I thank you Lord for the life you gave

So that today I could be saved

All the hurts that have been apart of my life

Were buried so deeply until they were out of sight

Ever since that day in January 1999 when I accepted Christ

Your Holy Spirit has continually turned on the lights

Pointing to things long since past

That contributed to my structured house of glass

Fragile and timid, as coward and shook inside

Yet strong and confident to the world with effortless stride.

Oh I was good and you know that was true

Hmm not many people could do what I do

Yeah, that was the lie I almost believed

The truth has healing power and today I'm relieved

I am not perfect, but freed to explore the true treasures God has in store

Won't you join me and step with Jesus through his open door.

By Rhonda A.


Angel wings carrying hope into our lives

Dashing out as quickly as butterflies.

God knows the time, the reason, the needs

Yet it feels as if the heart forever will bleed.

Cutting ourselves on the jagged edges of our own broken heart

Seeking solace, seeking peace this is where serenity starts.

The healing, the process, of gaining His strength.

 Knowing in reality we will go to any length.

To seek, to learn, to be, to yearn

To cry to try and cry cry cry

To be His completely, to know He's there

To surrender our all to His loving care.

The pain will soften, broken hearts do mend

Only He knows who we will be in the end

Jagged edges become rounded, yet scars will remain

Our hearts will truly never be the same.

Our Hearts are His, He will do as He must.

Cradle in His loving Arms……….yes trust.

shell  1/8/ 2005